The Saori Way


Weaving with no rules is more than just individual hand loomed weaving compared to mechanical weaving “but is the practice of pursuing spiritual wealth” says Misao Jo.

When we develop a sense of self-esteem and self worth our life becomes fulfilled. SAORI weaving means sitting down to a loom already warped and centering ones mind .you will begin to weave because half of the weaving is already done and is waiting for you to choose any color or textures for the weft. Have fun with no fixed curriculum. Take the chance to reconnect to your child-like mind. Even though you may need to struggle to encourage that child to come out, you will have a wonderful sense of satisfaction and self expression. Through the saori way of weaving you can develop a new sense of aesthetics.

No restraints, no reservations, courageously unconventionally release your creativity, laugh, smile and learn about those uniqueness that are you. Share your weaving with friends, include your friends and family and find new friends in the SAORI weaving family.

“All flowers are beautiful, even though each individual flower is different in form and color. Because of this difference, all are good.”
- Misao Jo


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