What is Saori?

The letters “SA” of SAORI* comes from the zen vocabulary “SAI” and translates to mean every thing has its own individual dignity. And “ORI” is Japanese for weaving.

Saori began when Misao Jo was 57 and wanted to weave a sash for her kimono. Her husband and sons built her a loom and her 84 yr old mother taught her to weave. She soon realized that mechanical predictable weaving was lacking in creativity and human expression. She started then to choose to experiment and added so called flaws to her weaving. This new way brought her joy and provided a outlet for her creativity. Misao brought her unusual hand woven sash to a very respected kimono shop to show them and they sold it right away. Soon she was asked by her friends to teach them her weaving way. They were soon weaving more beautiful shawls then hers.
As a society people started valuing more personal individuality and expressions over mass-produced goods. Now many people throughout the world relate to misao’s freedom of expression weaving and the ease of using saori equipment, the compactness, sturdiness and innovation of saori looms along with her message.
Saori weaving in Japan has celebrated it’s 40th anniversary 1969 - 2009. At 100 years old in 2013 Misao Jo still weaves every day. Thank you Misao Jo.

*Saori is the trade mark of SAKAISEIKISANGYOU the company that manufactures the SAORI loom and accessories.


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